Monday, September 28, 2009

Mommy Kisses

My daughter has been sick since Thursday, running a high fever. Luckily its just an ear infection and not the flu. However early Sunday morning (and I stress Early, well before 8AM) my dogs started barking and woke Shiloh up. Since I was not ready to get up, and she didn't look like she was ready to face the world either, I took her into my room and laid back down with her. I was in a light doze, and she seemed to go in and out of dozing with some wiggling in between. After one wiggling bout, she started whining and I opened my eyes just wide enough to see her holding her hand in the air. Now at 19 months old, we are heavily following the "I hurt it, so mommy kisses it and its all better" philosophy. I naturally assumed the hand or finger had been pinched, rolled on, or otherwise "hurt" and needed a mommy kiss so we could both go back to sleep. I kissed it, and that is when I realized...THERE WAS POOP ON THE HAND! Now what do I do...there are not baby wipes near by...Do I go vigurously wash my face while her hand smears poop everywhere? Do I go clean her up in her room while my face remains poopy? WHAT DO I DO?? Well I finally pick her up and run into her room, grab the baby wipes to clean up her hands and then head to the bath room to take care of my face. By the time I got to the diaper, she neede a full change of clothes as well... I guess on the bright side, kissing the poopy hand still "fixed" it and she quit whining. Mommy kisses fix everything!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Spanking your IQ

I read an interesting article that proposes that spanking your child lowers your childs IQ. I thought the article brought up several good points about how stress and emotional factors could affect a person's IQ, but I don't necessarily buy the fact that you hare intellectually harming your child by spanking him. The study does not seem to account for differences such as class, parents educational level, etc that also play a big part of a person's IQ. I also do not see how a spanking, done properly, causes more stress or emotional harm of any other discapline, done properly. Now I do agree, that frequent spankings, could cause damage emotionally, and in my opinion that also borders on abuse. I think it really comes down to parents needing to know how and when to discapline and when to just ignore a behavior or redirect. Read the article for yourself here

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Kool-Aid and Rainbows

This morning was an exciting morning! Shiloh is back on a nasty antibiotic for an ear infection and mommy forgot to get it flavored at Walgreens. Today, I put a little bit of koolaid powder in this morning's dose and she took it with out any complaints! Woo Hoo for not only fixing a mommy mistake, but finding a more economical way to flavor the meds! Then, as we were pulling out of the driveway I saw this magnificent rainbow! I finally got Shiloh to see it and she called it "pretty." When I got to the end of the road, you could see both ends of the rainbow... I think that was a first for me. I was in awe.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Welcome to my Blog

Welcome to my Blog. Blogs are probably supposed to have a theme or purpose I don't know that I have one yet. Over the weeks you will probably see my current obsessions displayed here including: money saving/budgeting ideas, creative ideas, parenting and children, tv and whatever else grabs my attention. Also check out my photo blog PhotoTonic . Indecision is the key to flexibility!!