Thursday, March 24, 2011

Definitely Her Father's Child

Getting Shiloh out at daycare this morning:

Shiloh points to the vehicle next to us and says: "I am gonna buy that truck."

Me: "You like that truck?"

Shiloh: "Yeah."

Me: "Why do you like that truck?"

Shiloh: "It goes vroom vroom like a motorcylce!"

Me: "Oh, you like motorcylces too?"

Shiloh vigurously nods her head.


Monday, March 21, 2011

The Highlights

When I go so long with out writing, it's hard to know exactly what to write about. Hopefully, one day, I'll be able to post as often as I'd like. But for now, that is just not possible.

On the plus side, some things are finally starting to come together for us.

Jeremy bought a motorcylce, and the whole family is looking forward to some rides. I think it will be a great family leisure activity (even though we can't all be on at once)and will also give me and Jeremy something to do just as a couple every now and then as well. Trust me, that is some well needed and wanted time.

Even with the purchase of the motorcycle, money just doesn't seem as tight here lately. I think we finally have a manageable budget.

Baseball is back in full swing for Zachary, and he really seems to love his coach and team this year. They played 5 games in 24 hours this past weekend and won every single one of them. Not just won, they blew the other teams away. Zachary got several good hits and scored a couple of runs. He also made some good plays and helped get two runners out!

We actually had Zachary all of last week for spring break, and really had an awesome time. Life was wonderfully good! =)

Shiloh turned three last month, and it's almost like a little maturity clicked in her over night. She thinks she is so big. She really understands counting now, and is starting to learn some of her letters, and recognize her name. But beware, you never know what will come out of her mouth. She went around calling everyone a donkey a couple of days ago!

I am still couponing, and am preparing my next post on my project now! We've also gotten a freezer, so I am REALLY trying to stock up now. I, ofcourse, am still always looking for good deals, or ways to cut expenses, or even make money. This has become my new hobby. Good thing it's good for my family too, I put a lot of time into it!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Project

The project is simple. Write the maker of a product every day for a year. Do not ask them specifically for coupons as I did in the Coupon Mania post. Do not write regarding any particular product more than twice in a year. Do not write any particular parent company more than four time is a month (or once a week). Be honest in what you write, give feed back, ask questions.

(NOTE: While I have these categorized by parent company, I never wrote to any parent company more than one time in a day.)


Purina pet food -2 coupons worth $2 each
Hot Pockets -2 coupons worth $.40 each

Ziploc -coupon for free bags ($5 valule)
Glade -coupon for a free candle ($6 value)
Windex -coupon for a free bottle of Windex ($4 value)

Jimmy Dean - coupon for $1 off and Sarah Lee product

Banquet frozen meals - 2 coupons worth $.50 each
Kid Cuisines -2 coupons worth $.50 each

Cottonelle toilet paper - 4 coupons worth $.50 each

Motrin -coupon for $1 off

Del Monte Vegetables - 3 coupons worth $.50 each
Clorox bathroom cleaner - coupon for free product ($4.00 value)
Energizer - coupon for free pack of batteries ($5.00 value)
McCormick gravy mix - 3 coupons worth $.75 each and 1 worth $1, all for different products.
Zatarains - 2 coupons worth $.50 each

I wrote to Gillette, Mr. Clean and Febreeze and did not receive any coupons. You can however sign up for their Every Day Solutions to get coupons and samples on a quarterly basis. You do have to log in every three months and request the coupons/samples. They do not come automatically.
Also, sign up with Home Made Simple to receive coupon books through out the year for products like Mr. Clean and Febreeze.

Citrucell - did not send coupons

Mt. Dew - did not send coupons

Tostino's - did not send coupons

Axe - did not send coupons
Suave - did not send coupons

Weber - did not send coupons

Betty Crocker Muffins - did not send coupons
Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal - did not send coupons

Hostess - did not send coupons
Reynolds - did not send coupons

In January (not counting the P&G Every Day Solutions or Home Made Simple) I received $17.55 worth of coupons for products I regularly use. I also received five coupons for free products worth a total of $24.00. My Proctor & Gamble coupons from Every Day Solutions and Home Made Simple total $27.00. All together that makes $68.55 worth of coupons!!

You may have noticed some trends. It looks as if SC Johnson send coupons for free products, General Mills and Proctor and Gamble probably won't send coupons (this is also based on my experience from Coupon Mania).

Add these coupons to other Grocery Tips and you are sure to spend less at the grocery store!

Check back later this month to see how February went!