Monday, November 9, 2009

Keeping Up

I have been a bad bad blogger. I haven't written in well over a week now and therefor do not know which cute story to share.
I could share Zachary's wisdom of the difference between a girlfriend and a girl friend....
Or his wisdom of "thin as a peice of glass"...
Or how proud he was after he changed his first tire.
I could share the story as I sat nervously watching Shiloh suck on her first peice of hard candy....
Or how cute it was when I asked her to pick out a toy to take and she instead started puting all of her toys back in the toy box.
I could share stories of how to heal a doll from my three year old neice...
Or the fact that she would rather dance with someone watching.

There have been so many good times these past couple of weeks, looking back I realize how blessed I have been. I think sometimes we focus on the negative, on everything that goes wrong in life...and we try to learn from it. This week I am choosing to do the opposit. I am focusing on the good timesk, and picking my lessons from those times of laughter. So this is what I have learned from the kids in my life this week:

-Dont read too much into what someone says, there could be another meaning.
-Perspective and Experience changes everything.
-The hard work is worth a worthwhile accomplishment.
-You will never know if you can unless you try.
-Risks are worth taking.
-Picking up isn't all that bad, and sometimes even better than the alternative.
-What matters most, is what you beleive.
-Why would you dance when no one is watching...its much more fun to be silly with someone.

I am going to be all smiles today. =)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I want this stuff out of my house!

Me and Jeremy have spent the last few weeks cleaning out the kids rooms to make room for the inevitable Christmas toy mountain. We do not want anything for these items, except to get them out of our house. If you or someone you know could use them, please let me know and I will try and arrange to get it to you or for you to pick up.
Here are the items I can remember:
*Playpen (neutral colors)-it is a playpen only but is in good condition, would be excellent at a grandparents house so you do not have to haul yours back and forth.
*Size 4 infant brown suede Mary Jane type shoes (brand new)
*Baby Einstein DVDs and a Fisher Price DVD that is basically the same thing
*a dog toy that you pull behind you and it barks
*a "tv" that you wind up and it plays music and pictures scroll by
*Stuffed animals and baby dolls.
*Twister (the game)
*Tinker Toys
*Marvel matching game
*Pirates of the Carribean bath paints (never opened)
*Pirates of the Carribean poster size coloring book (only one picture was colored and has been torn out)
*Red Power Ranger (bigger than a barbie doll)
*Another Power Ranger that morphs that I don't understand but was really cool last year
*Some small (g.i. joe size) action heros

I also have
*Pregnancy books that I did not write in
*LOTS of fiction books


Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween....ha ha ha

Saturday night was the first time in a long time that I have been trick or treating. We got the kids all dressed up as bikers (see the pictures here)and set out on our Halloween adventure. I learned alot about Halloween this year:

1. Halloween now starts before nightfall. I thought we would be "early" at 6PM, nope...we were running late.

2. Most people no longer go all out for halloween. In fact a great number of houses just had bowls of cand on the porch for youngsters to come up and get. What is the fun in that?

3. You now have to cover much more ground to get a decent (sack full) amount of candy. A portion of a subdivision and a trunk or treat and the bags were not even half full!

4. Why trunk or treat??? That just seems like the lazy way.

5. Halloween now ends earlier, probably because it starts earlier. By 8PM we could not find any more candy =(

So next year I will be prepared. We will start trick or treating before nightfall, and we will cover the ENTIRE subdivison...and then some. CANDY! CANDY! CANDY!