Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas

Well it is definately Christmas time at our house and I have the low bank balance to prove it! I will be the first one to admit that we probably went overboard on the kids this year, spending more this year than we did last year and the year before. While it seems most people overspend due to competition (which admittedly played a small part in mine as well), I also had another driving force.


The revelation came about slowly, when he wouldn't write Santa a letter but wrote out his Christmas list for us. He also chose to not go on the Santa excursion train ride that his grandmother offered to take him on. Finally he refused to even go see Santa at the mall.

Finally, when I picked him up last Friday, he told me that Santa didn't bring him stuff, I bought it.

I panicked! This was a discussion he should have with this Dad, or his Mom...not ME!
I quickly told him that I only bought the stuff under the tree, and trust me I HAD SPENT ENOUGH on that stuff. I couldn't afford to buy him the things Santa brought too.

He dropped it after that. I told my husband about the conversation, and when they were alone (Christmas shopping) the next day, my husband asked him about it. He denied ever saying anything like that.

I am telling myself that he chose me to test the waters with because he trusts me. I have worked hard to have a trusting relationship with him, beleiving that that would be the best foundation to build a lasting relationship with my step son.

But what happens when he finds out I just right out lied to him? Where will our trusting relationship go? How will I keep him from telling his little sister...and brothers at his mom's house?

Bring on the last minute shopping, Bring on the holiday baking...just don't make me have to have "the talk".

Monday, December 7, 2009

Baby Book Bing

I remember picking out that special perfect book for my baby and promising to write religiously in it. I had heard other stories of mom's who never finished the baby book, but that was always with their second child...this was MY FIRST..and at times had never thought I would even have her. I would write.
Then, last night I had an epiphany...I had not written in my daughters baby book in well over six months. Wow...so much had happened in the 15-21 month stage.
So in the last six months what have I missed writing? A couple of teeth, graduating to a toddler bed, her first hair cut (given by daddy), and last night...her first somersault!
I've thought about making an online album, at least then I wouldn't have to actually get pictures developed, but I also couldn't attach those sweet little keepsakes...like a clipping of her hair from her first hair cut.
Who am I kidding, I wouldn't have the time for an online baby book either..Unless...UNLESS...IT UPDATED STRAIGHT FROM MY FACEBOOK OR TWITTER PAGE!!!! What a great idea! Status's, Pictures, Notes...anything with my child's name in it, goes straight to her online book! It would be the greatest invention ever! So I'll go ahead and toss that in my "Brooke's Great Ideas That She Never Made Happen" Box along with:
1.) Remote call buttons on TV's
2.) Clap on Remote Finder
3.) Using the technology from hand warmers for hunter to make bottle warmers for on the go
and now...
4.) Online Baby book that uses your status updates

See I really should be rich and famous...I just don't have the time.