Friday, May 20, 2011

Frugal Friday - Summer

School is just about out, and if you are like me, you are starting to wonder just what you are going to do to keep the kids entertained, on a budget.

Kids Bowl Free is a wonderful program (that requires you to sign up) where kids get 2 free games of bowling, every day this summer.

Regal Cinemas are showing "G" and "PG" rated movies for $1 every Tuesday and Wednesday at 10 AM all summer long. This is especially appealing if you have a little one and your not quite sure they will make it through a whole movie.

Speaking of movies, check with you local parks department, many around here host movies in the park at least once a month May through September.

Also see what is going on at your library, besides weekly story time, they usually offer other programs as well such as puppets, magicians and reading programs where your reader can possibly score freebies (movie tickets, free pizza, free books, etc) for reading a book a week.

Don't waste your money going to a major water park, instead check out a local pool or aquatic center. At the Aquatic Center in Bowling Green, Kentucky, Adult admission is just $8.

Bring the kids downtown for a day. Kids find it facinating to be surrounded by tall buildings and seeing so many people. They will love hearing the mucicians on street corners any regular day or if your really brave bring them during CMA Fest to hear (and possiby see) some bigger names. They generally have a stage set up at River Front Park where you can hear music for free.

While your downtown, rid a MTA bus. The Music City Circuit is free and circles downtown. You can also stop by the Tennessee State Museum which is free. I also recommend letting them browse Nashville's Farmer's Market after grabbing lunch.

There are many wonderful parks in Nashville, including Centennial with ducks to feed and the Bicentennial Mall. The Warner Park Nature Center also has lots of free programs going on this summer for you and your kids.

Both Lowes' Build and Grow workshops and Home Depot's Kids's Workshop are free. They each have one about once a month and kids over the age of 5 get to build a wooden project with a parent's help.

The greenways are also a wonderful resource. Walk them with your kids to have a mini nature "hike" or bring the bikes for some safe riding.

Need something to entertain the kids at home? Stock up on water toys, they don't have to be expensive. You can pick up a sprinkler for around $12, water guns for $1 each and multitudes of water baloons for $1 as well. Have a picnic in your back yard, eating on the grass is fun, no matter where you are. Make up a new game, or rely on one from your child hood (Freeze Tag?). Have races in your back yard, do silly things like run backwards or spin in circles.

If you are stuck inside, grab yoru kids favorite book, the one they know word for word, and use it to put on a play. Have an indoor picnic, eating on the floor is almost as much fun as eating on the grass! Let your kids be bored, it buids imagination. If thier choice is a chore or think of something to do, they WILL think of something to do (after quite a few minutes of complaining).

What are you planning to do this summer, with out breaking your budget?

Monday, May 16, 2011

My Favorite Deals This Week @ Walgreens

Here are the deals that I just can't pass up this week (and neither should you)!

Mars and Dove Candy Bars - $.39

Post Cereal - $1.75

Soft Soap Body Wash - 2 for $6, plus you get $4 Register Rewards

Starbucks Frapuccinos - 4 for $5, plus you get $1 Register Rewards

Old El Paso 12pk Taco Shells - $1

Hamburger Helper - $1 (there have recently been coupons in the paper for $.75 off of 3)

Dole Fruit Crisps - $1 (A few weeks ago, there was a $.50 coupon in the paper)

Duncan Hienz Brownie Mix - $1

Lunchables 2 for $3, plus you get $1 Register Rewards

Finish Power Tabs - $3.49, plus you get $1.50 Register Rewards (and if you've been saving your coupons, you probably have the $.75 coupon tucked away)

Gillette, Old Spice and Zest Body Wash (mix and match) - 3 for $10, plus you get $3 Register Rewards (There are also multiple coupons. In this weeks paper there is a Gillette Body Wash $2 coupon. In recent papers there have also been $1 off 2 Old Spice Products, Buy 1 Get 1 Free Old Spice Body Wash, and $1 off Zest Body Wash coupons)

Gillette Fusion Pro Glide Razor - $9.89 plus you get $5 Register Rewards

There is also an in ad coupon for $3 off Goodys or BC Powders. You can combine this with the $1 manufacturer coupon in this Sundays paper.

* Register Rewards are coupons that print after you paid and are good off your next order. You can only do 1 of each type of register rewards per transaction. For example you can do the Finish, Gillette/Old Spice/Zest Body Wash and Gillette Fusion Pro Glide all in the same transaction, but if you bought 2 of the Finish Power Tabs, you would want to do two transactions to get both Register Rewards.

How would I make the most of this?

Transaction #1
2 Old Spice Body Wash's $6.66 -B1G1 Coupon = $3.33
1 Gillette Deoderant and 1 Gillette Body Wash $7.33 - B1 Deo. G1 BW = 4.00
2 Soft Soap Body Wash's $6

Total Before Taxes $13.33 and you get $7 Register Rewards.

Transaction #2
1 Gillette Body Wash $3.33 - $2.00 coupon in this Sundays Paper = $1.33
2 Old Spice Body Wash's $6.66 - $1 off 2 products coupon = $5.66
1 Finish Power Tab $3.49 - $.75 coupon = $2.74

Total Before Taxes $9.73, and you get another $4.50 Register Rewards

Transaction #3
3 Hamburger Helpers $3 - $.75 coupon = $2.25
1 Dole Fruit Crisp $1 - $.50 coupon = $.50
2 Lunchables $3
4 Starbucks Frappucinos $5
1 Old El Paso Taco Shells $1

Total Before Taxes is $11.75, use the $11.50 in Register Rewards from the previous two transactions and you pay $.25 plus taxes, AND you just got another $2 Register Rewards.

Transaction #4 (the Final One!)
1 Duncan Heinze Brownie Mix - $1
3 Mars Candy Bars - $1.17

Total Before Taxes $2.17, use the $2 Register Rewards and your total is $.17 plus taxes.

This would make your total spent: $23.48 plus taxes!

For that $23.48 you got:

8 Body Washes (4 Old Spice, 2 Gillette, 2 Softsoap)
1 Deoderant
1 Finish Power Tabs
3 Hamburger Helpers
2 Lunchables
4 Frappuccinos
1 Dole Fruit Crisp
1 Old El Paso pack of Taco Shells
1 Box of Brownie Mix
3 Candy Bars.

What would you do?