Sunday, February 28, 2010

Why I Am a Bad Mommy

I am a bad mommy because...

....I let my daughter eat M&M's before dinner because she was good at the store.

....I've told my toddler that something was her's so she would quit saying "mine" when in reality it was mine...or her brothers...or some other childs...or etc.

....I have answered yes to a question when I was not paying attention and have no idea what I answered yes to. I am really hoping I haven't promised to buy my step son a motorcycle when he turns 14.

....I have let my daughter fall asleep and stay on the couch with me because I did not want to miss any of NCIS Los Angeles.

....I sneak snack food behind my kids back...constantly.

Yep folks, I am a bad mommy. If you have ever thought about telling your son that the boogey man lives under your bed to keep him from snooping for Christmas presents, you just might be a bad mommy (or brilliant) too!