Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Christmas Traditions

Yes, I know this post is three weeks late, but...

Christmas is a time for tradition. Growing up our tradition included me waking up the WHOLE house on Christmas morning to see what Santa brought and “Last gift of the night” where we had one last gift Christmas night when we went to bed.

This year I decided I wanted to start my own family tradition for Christmas. The Husband and I decided our Christmas tradition would be to give each of the kids something that WE had to put work into, not just buy at the store. Of course we decided this in December so we had to scramble.

For my daughter, I gave her all the stuff to make a cute scrap book/picture album that is all her own. She is about to turn two and loves pictures, but frequently gets in trouble for trying to handle mine. I gave her all the stuff, but we still haven’t actually made it yet. But we will…as soon as I get pictures developed!!! (uploading now)

For big man, he got his Daddy’s hunting rifle (No I have no idea what kind it is). His Daddy replaced a couple of parts and mounted a scope for him. He loves it! For those of you freaking out that we gave a seven year old a gun, I need to point out a couple of things. First this is Tennessee and he will take his hunters safety course at nine…in a year and a half. Secondly, the gun is in a case in our room. Third, the bullets are locked up separately from the gun. He does not have access to get the gun whenever he so chooses.

I happen to have gotten a sewing machine for Christmas, so next year I know we will do better…and start planning for our “homemade” items in July.

All in all we had a fabulous Christmas, we were blessed to be all together for five full days. I hope each of you also had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Now I wonder what Christmas traditions other families have, care to share?