Friday, August 27, 2010

Another Frugal Friday

It has been a while since my last frugal Friday.

We survived summer and found out just how much carpooling could save us! We used the saved money to take the kids to the Knoxville Zoo, Space and Air Museum and The Adventure Science Center.

We actually bought a family pass for $90 to the Adventure Science Center so we can take the kids back during the fall, winter and spring. They change exhibits often and truthfully, their “Adventure Tower” is better than any indoor play ground I’ve seen, so it is a good investment in our world.

I have also jumped on the “a deal a day” bandwagon.

Most people have head about Groupon, where every day they have a deal for a local business. It is usually about 50% off, for food, drinks or service. It seems that *most* of their deals seem to be for food/drinks and salon services, but earlier this year they did have a family membership to the Adventure Science Center for $45 (and yes, I missed it.)
Today’s deal is 3 Laser Hair-Removal Treatments for $99, usually around $750. I don’t have the $99 to spend, but if you do, not a bad deal AT ALL!

Another good one is LivingSocial. Their deals are similar to Groupon, but besides great deals on restaurants, I haven’t seen much that is family friendly. Today’s deal includes a brow, lip, chin wax for $15.

However, my new favorite site is QponDay. QponDay also has deals on food, drinks and services, but I find more of theirs is family friendly and fit my lifestyle and budget better. Today’s deal is $50 towards ANY salon service for on $25, you can use it how you want. I love flexibility! Also, QponDay has some ongoing deals including two for one admission for an open bounce at Fun and Party Zone. A similar deal is also available at Middle TN Paintball, which I think would make for an interesting adventure with the hubby.

All three of these sites are free to sign up with, and they send the deals daily to your inbox. If you’re not interested, you just delete the email. I haven’t been spammed and I’ve been signed up for a while now (though QponDay didn’t start having deals in Nashville until the middle of August.)

Area schools are also selling Entertainment Books (formerly CityPass) for $25 (instead of the $35 if you buy via the websit.) This includes the 2010 and 2011 books. Most of the coupons in the 2010 books expire the beginning of November though. I still find this to be a good deal, especially if you can split the cost with someone. For example, I live north of Nashville, and won’t be using the coupons for the Spring Hill/Columbia area (or even the Bellevue area, or Mt Juliet….). If I split the cost with someone in my office that lives in one of these areas, the cost would only be $12.50 and I am likely to save that with the FIRST of MANY coupons I will use. I don’t recommend splitting the cost with more than one person, simply because many of the coupons are for places like the Zoo, Adventure Science Center, the Frist, etc. It could get tricky splitting those between more than two people.