Friday, February 7, 2014

Frugal Friday - Winter Fun- 20 Activities

We've had a lot of  "snow"days since Christmas.  A. LOT.  Snow days are one thing when there is actually snow on the ground and the kids want to go out and play.

But it's something completely different when it's just cold.  Possibly raining.  And the kids are bored and stir crazy.

Plus you still have weekends/holidays/afternoons to keep your kids buys inside as well. And you have little or no money.

What to do. What to do.

Here are 20 things we have done/plan to do this winter:

1. Have an indoor picnic. Simply eating on the floor can completely change a meal.
2. Build a tent/fort indoors.
3. Go to your mall's indoor play area
4. Go to story time at the library
5. Introduce your kids to the cartoons you watched growing up via Youtube. My kids love "Bobby's World"and "Muppet Babies"
6. Do something touristy in your own town.  Tour a museum or historic building. Many of these are free/low cost. Sometimes even small towns have museums/attractions that are often overlooked. Springfield has the Robertson County Museum.
7. Take a tour of a factory.
8. Put on a play of your child's favorite book
9.Invite a neighbor/friend over
10. Go get Ice Cream
11. Let the kids make up a game. Play it no matter how crazy it is.
12. Rent a movie at Redbox. 
13. Have a scavenger hunt
14. Mad Libs (for school age kids)
15. Volunteer somewhere. Church, Soup Kitchen, any cause.
16. Go to Good Will. Give each kid $2-$5 to spend on whatever they want.
17. If you are in/around Nashville, ride the music city star or you can ride busses around down town for free.
18. Set up fair type games at home. (ring toss, pick a duck, bean bag toss, etc)
19. Do a science experiment. You can find tons here.
20. Try a new fun recipe and let the kids help.

What are your boredom busters?

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