Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Child Care Hours Around Here Suck

Over the Christmas break, my baby sitter quit.  I spent the next 2 weeks searching for child care and discovered something.

I live in a child care desert. DESERT!

There is not one child care facility in my school zone. Not one.

My daughters school does offer after school care until 5:30 PM and that is where I currently I have her registered.  They do not offer before care.

However, I am used to having child care 6AM to 6 PM.

I live 45 miles from where I work.  By the time I drive (with traffic), park and get into work, it takes about an hour and half.

So I work for 8 hours, with a 30 minute lunch:  8.5
Normal traffic to work each morning:                1.5
Normal traffic from work each morning:            1.5
Total time I HAVE to be away from home:       11.5 hours.

See why I NEED 12 complete hours of child care. The normal traffic does not allow for wrecks or increased traffic due to weather.

I am becoming increasingly concerned that I will not be able to make this child care situation work. I have exhausted every resource and option I know.  It makes me wonder how other people manage child care and still make a living?

Unfortunately, this is the only option and therefor the only plan that we have.

I would love nothing more than to work from home or work the hours my child is in school, but we just can't make it financially.

Here is fingers crossed, this magically works out.

On the bright side, my daughter seemed to love her first 2 afternoons in the new program!

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